24-Channel Lithium Battery Pack Charge Discharge Testing Equalizer

Item No.: LBS50W-24S
Input Power: AC200V~245V50/60HZ
Applicable Batteries: LiFePO4, NCA/NCM, LiCoO
Con-Voltage Range: 1V-5V
Current Output: 0.5A-10A
Operation Method: Online
Communication Port: LAN
Channel No.: 24 channels
Lithium Battery Pack Charge Discharge Testing Equalizer can effectively solve EV shortened mileage problem resulting from the different capacity among the cells within the service life of the battery. The lithium battery pack consists of a number of cells connected in parallel and series, and there is a difference in the capacity among each cell. Such an imbalance will continue to expand during use, which leads to shorter battery life, reduced mileage, or even battery damage. The device is designed to solve the mentioned issues. 

It's a maintenance and repair equipment especially for the lithium battery pack of new energy EV, it can effectively solve EV shortened cruising range, shorten service life resulting from the inconsistency of the individual cells within its service life and prolong the service life of the battery. Full channel isolation design, each channel is equipped with an independent high-precision charge and discharge unit, which can charge and discharge each cell individually. The method of "serial charging and replenishment" is adopted to accurately recharge backward batteries to ensure that every single cell is fully charged so that the capacity of the battery pack can be restored. At the same time, the faulty cells can be accurately located without disassembly and replaced, so as to repair the battery pack.

It is suitable for after-sales service and maintenance of all kinds of electric vehicles, buses, trucks, forklifts, ships, communication, and electric power facilities that use lithium batteries as power.     

The Bucket Effect In The EV Power Battery

Electric EV has a common issue, many people will find that their electric vehicles have not reached the durable period promised by the manufacturers after a few years of use, the driving mileage afterward has become shorter and often get into the range anxiety.

Such a problem arises, the main cause is not the battery got aged or damaged, but the battery needs to be repaired or maintained.

The power battery pack of the new energy EV consists of multiple single cells in series, a household ordinary pure electric new energy car needs more than 300 V voltage, and the voltage of one series of LiFePo4 is only 3.2 V. Therefore, a pure electric vehicle needs dozens or even hundreds of single cells connected in series. And this large number of single cells is a certain difference in electricity, and this difference will continue to expand in the process of use, and affect the battery charge and discharge of electricity, this is the battery bucket effect.

It is well known that the current flowing through each cell in a series circuit is equal. Therefore, when there is an imbalance among the single cells, the single-cell with the lowest power will be discharged first when it’s in discharging. Once the cell with the lowest power is discharged, the battery pack stops the discharge, so the lowest cell determines the discharged power of the entire battery pack. In the same way, the single cell with the highest power will be fully charged first when it’s in charge. Once the cell with the highest power is charged, the charger stops the charge, so the largest cell determines the charge power of the entire battery pack. When there is unbalanced power among the single cells, the battery with the lowest power will never be fully charged, and the battery with the highest power will never be discharged, which leads to low utilization of the entire battery capacity, and results in insufficient battery capacity and battery Driving Mileage has dropped significantly.


• Each channel is equipped with a dedicated processor to ensure a perfect level of capacity calculation, timing, voltage and current control.
• All channel is under isolated test, it can directly test the cells of the battery pack.
By using the top aligned equalization mode to charge every single battery in parallel, and ensure all of them are fully charged.
• Independent heat source channel, temperature control and speed regulation fan.
• The LED light indicates the running status, testing status, matching status, alarm status.
• Fully compatibility with various lithium batteries, such as 
• Online test between computer and device, the setting and result is particular and plentiful,
• With the work steps of Constant Current Discharge, Constant Power Discharge, Constant Resistance Discharge, Constant Current Charge, Constant Voltage Charge, Constant Current & Voltage Charge, Internal Resistance Test and Idle, etc.
• Work step automatically switching.
• The charge and discharge parameters can be customized.
• The matching can be processed, the test results can be matched according to the customized standard, and it can mark and display on the device. 

• Battery anti-reverse connection protection and alarm.
• The recording function of the test process
• With 3 Y-axis (voltage, current, capacity) and a time axis curve drawing ability, and data report function. 
• The color of the test status bar is customized, which makes it easy to check the test status of all devices when the number of tests is large.
Compact structure with lockable universal pulley for easy movement in the repair shop, user-friendly is fully considered.

Technical Specification:

Model No.: LBS50W-24S

Input Voltage:

AC 220V± 10% 50Hz/60Hz

Input Power:

No-load 80W, full load 2475W




Max. Charge Constant Voltage:


Min. Discharge Cut-off Voltage:








Max. Charge Current:


Max. Discharge Current:


Min. Charge Cut-off Current





Max. Output Power (Single Channel)


Data Recording



Data Recording Conditions

Time interval


Voltage interval


Current interval





Charge Modes:

Constant current charge


Constant voltage charge


Constant current & voltage charge

Charge Cut-off Conditions:

Voltage, Current, Time, Capacity, -△V





Discharge Modes:

Constant current discharge


Constant power discharge


Constant resistance discharge

Discharge Cut-off Conditions:

Voltage, Current, Time, Capacity



Cycle Index:

1-9999 times

Cycle Nest







Power-down protection

Reverse connection

Over-temperature protection

Over-voltage protection

Short-circuit protection

IP Grade


Channel Control Mode

Independent control

High Voltage Insulation Between Channels

AC1000V/2min Normal

Voltage & Current Test Sampling

Five-core wires connection / Probe


< 76 dB

Host Computer Communication Method

based on TCP/IP protocol

Test Report Output Method


Server Disk Configuration


Server Operation System

Windows XP, Windows 7/8/10

Communication Port


Equipment Work Ambient Conditions

Operation Ambient Temperature

0 ℃ - 40 ℃

Storage Temperature

-10 ℃ - 50 ℃

Operation Ambient Humidity

≤ 70 % RH (No condensation)

Storage Ambient Humidity

≤ 80 % RH (No condensation)

Battery Connection Diagram


Device Connection Diagram:

Packing  Information:
Produce Size:
35*40*48.5 cm(L*W*H)
Pcs/Ctn:            1 pc/ctn
Package Size:   
50*55*62.5 cm(L*W*H)
G.W.:                 35.00 kgs
N.W.:                 32.00 kgs

Software Interfaces

Main Interfaces

List Display

Work Step Setting

Match Conditions Setting

Single Channel Data Analysis

Multiple Channel Data Analysis and Comparison

Test Data Exporting

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